Hong Kong Dim Sum is famous throughout the world. Come and experience it for yourself! Our friendly staff will be on hand to guide you through the most unique of HK’s cultural, culinary experiences. Meet and eat with other experience seekers or if you’re new to Hong Kong, maybe you’ll meet your new best pal over some delicious food!

We meet every Friday morning at 10:00am outside Jordan MTR exit A, Street Level, look for our friendly staff wearing our “I (dumpling) HK” shirts.

– Enjoy Hong Kong Dim Sum like a local
– Meet new friends and travel partners.
– Take the hassle and stress out of enjoying HK’s world famous cuisine.
– Learn about HK, its Dim Sum culture and the fascinating role food plays in this vibrant world city.
– Practice (or learn) your first few words of Chinese with our guides and pick up some Canto slang at the same time.
– Try a variety of Dim Sum, in a super friendly group setting.
– Entry includes all food and drink(s) plus local guide.

Make sure you have booked online first, so that we know you are coming.


All that Dim Sum for Only $200HKD


10:00am outside Jordan MTR
exit A, Street Level


For our friendly staff wearing our t-shirts


Hong Kong’s finest Dim Sum


We are committed to growing a sustainable business that supports the recruitment and training of retired senior citizens who are keen to rejoin the workforce and contribute by sharing local culture with the world.


Formed by a group of food and travel loving locals, Dim Sum Experience aims to introduce visitors to the city to the huge variety and tastes of Dim Sum food. It connects locals with visitors in an authentic setting, allows guests to learn more about everyday food/life in HK and also to meet fellow travellers. We support local independent restaurants and are passionate about sharing our culture, meeting new people from all over the world and eating delicious meals together.


“The best part of this job is having people new to HK, learn about our city and our rich food history. I have seen so many changes over the last 50 years, but one thing has remained the same. Locals take the art of Dim Sum extremely seriously, join us to learn more about it!”

What is Dim Sum Experience?

A weekly Dim Sum ‘Meet and Eat’ where we organise a group to enjoy a delicious and authentic meal with our local guides. In this experience, you will also learn more about the important role Dim Sum plays in everyday HK life. Did we mention you get to meet lots of awesome people as well?

How do I join the Dim Sum Experience

We currently meet once a week on Friday @ 1000am here Outside exit A, Street Level, Jordan MTR station, Look for the smiling and hungry guide outside the exit, wearing one of our special T-shirts proclaiming our strong feelings for HK Dim Sum!

Sounds great, how much does it cost?

We charge $200HKD which includes the entire cost of the meal and all drink(s).

I eat a lot, how much food is there?

Trust us. You will be full by the end!

What kinds of Dim Sum will we try?

We try a big range of local flavors and hope to introduce you to some new tastes and styles, whilst also enjoying your old favourite’s that we know you love.

Do I need to book online or in advance?

Yes, make sure you book online!

I’m running late, help me!

Because we need to depart on time for our restaurant (our seats are reserved and waiting for us!) we are unable to wait more than 5 mins or so for any latecomers. Please make sure you are at the meet up location on time, or even better early (before 10am!) so that we can depart on time, and you can be eating delicious Dim Sum faster!

I have some specific dietary requirements, can I still join?

We try our best to cater to all of our guests, however there are some ingredients commonly used in traditional Dim Sum, that are hard to avoid. If you have any specific requirements, contact us in advance so that we can advise you personally to make sure that it will be suitable for you to enjoy!


​Proclaim your love for HK and get a classic souvenir shirt to go along with your Dim Sum Experience. Grey with red print and asian fit sizing. Message us to check availability.